About Us

Alert IT Ltd started in 1995. Yuri is our primary consultant. Additional consultants are assigned on a project-by-project basis, to best meet your requirements and to provide reliable on-call support, up to 24x7 if needed.

Yuri has extensive experience in the Banking, Industrial, Telecoms, Financial, Government and E-Commerce sectors. He has a broad range of skills, including analysis, design, implementation, testing and team leading.  After graduating from King's College, University of London in 1991, Yuri worked for Logica, a leading software consultancy.  He then joined Oracle UK, where he gained extensive experience of the Oracle product set.

While at Oracle, Yuri worked on projects for various high-profile UK clients such as HM Customs & Excise, West Mercia Constabulary, and The Ministry of Agriculture. One particularly big project was for the Inland Revenue, where he designed a major part of the well known "self assessment" taxation database.

Since starting Alert IT, Yuri has worked on projects for Reuters, Cable & Wireless, UBS, GNI, Commerzbank, Unilever, Sony-BMG, Sophis, Barclays Capital, Rabobank, Fortis, Nomura, plus many smaller hedge funds and various internet-based ventures.

Peter started working as an Oracle DBA with version 5 of the database, which was released way back in 1985!

With over 20 years' Oracle experience he has an in-depth understanding of the product, and excellent problem solving skills. Peter started out in the civil service as a support technician for a team of about 50 developers. Since then he has worked as both an Oracle developer and DBA.

He has extensive experience of Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager), partitioning, replication, data-warehouse design and, of course, the more traditional Oracle database features.

Colin has over 15 years Oracle experience, working for for a wide variety of customers including some leading companies in industry and financial services.

Key skills include DBA & SQL, Oracle 8i (8.1.7) 9i (9.2.0), 10g (10.2); Informix 9.2, Ingres 1.2; UNIX on Sun, Fujitsu, HP, ICL, Pyramid & SCO - ksh, awk; Database & Foglight clustering under Veritas; SSADM; Problem analysis & resolution; Leadership & communication; Presentations.

Paul has over 12 years Oracle experience. He has extensive experience of Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager), database upgrades and DR (Disaster Recovery) system design.

Based in Australia, he helps to ensure that we can provide round-the-clock DBA cover.

His strengths include his committment to get the job done and get it done well. He is organised and efficient.

Tim used to work with Yuri at Oracle UK. He has over 17 years Oracle experience.

Tim is an Oracle Certified Professional, and a Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (MIEE)

Based in New Zealand, he helps to ensure that we can provide round-the-clock DBA cover.

Alert IT Ltd is registered in England, company number 03079417. You can check our details on-line at the Companies House site.

We are VAT registered, registration number 644623243. As a result of this we are required to add 20% VAT (increased from 17.5%% on 4 Jan 2011) to all invoices for our UK-based customers. Most businesses should be able to reclaim this.